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Former (?) finance professional, recent graduate of the Pastry Arts program at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Working since I was 13, I’ve done everything from convenience store clerk and dessert stylist to manager of financial planning & analysis and finance consultant.  I love school and have studied an eclectic assortment of things; advertising art & design, anthropology, international relations, business, finance and pastry.  I like it all.  Hoping to focus the next chapter of my life on my love of all things food and this blog is an exploration of that, along with some occasional rants and sharing of books, places, people and things I think everyone should know about.  I live in Gloucester, MA., for now, having spent November 2014 – September 2015 living in Somerville, MA. while I went to school and completed two baking internships.

Random bits: I’m obsessed with the island of Nantucket. Joanne Change is my hero. Brenda Lee Johnson from The Closer is my idol; thank you, thank you very much. Reading rocks. Mean people suck and they know it . Fresh air makes everything better.


GetAttachmentv2This is my hubs, Sam.  We’ve been together forever and still like each other. I talk about him a lot; he’s my taster and executes a lot of my crazy ideas so it’s only fair that I introduce him here.  Sam is an artist (oil painting & drawing, see “Sam’s Art“) & mechanical engineer. He also makes fabulous omelettes and can fix anything. True Renaissance man!


The Dog:


Veruca, as in Veruca Salt from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.  She’s my 11 year old baby-puppy.  A mutt with a ton of character.

The Other Dog:


Seamus (1999 – 2012). Love of my life. Despite the fact Seamus has passed on there may be occasional references to and pictures of my little southern mutt gentleman.

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