After Pastry School – October is in the Books!

By mid-October we were settled back in Gloucester, or at least as settled as we’re gonna get.  While Sam commutes to and from Burlington for his corporate gig I spent my time working part-time at farm bakery, practicing my baking, doing some recipe development and taking care of all things domestic.  It sounds relaxing, it’s not.  As a type-A person who embraces their true nature, I thrive on routine and excel under pressure. And, as someone raised in a very traditional family where the goals are money, health insurance and job security changing careers and doing something non-traditional, less secure and horrifyingly low-paying is proving to be somewhat more stressful than I had thought/hoped.   And let’s not even start on the topic of self motivation… November is bringing a whole new set of adventures, a whirlwind of excitement and panic.

After a few slow weeks at the beginning of the month I got back in the kitchen and made baking a priority; before, between and after laundry, work, vet appointments, errands and house cleaning.  Below are the projects I got pictures of.  What’s not pictured?   Pumpkin jam, apple jalapeno jam, apple/cheddar/sage scones, chocolate chunk pie, pumpkin caramel white chocolate candy bark, pizza dough and some savory projects inspired by my 6 week Techniques of Cooking Class at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts including Southwestern Squash Soup, Roasted Squash Soup and Cheese & Mushroom Strata. Got in lots of practice with my knife skills as well.  Couple (5) more years and I should be a pro, or at least faster than your average home cook.

Let the holiday baking begin!

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